Quality Concrete Loading Docks

Installing a concrete loading dock is a long-term investment that’s tough to reverse once it’s (literally) set in stone; therefore, it’s critical that you choose the right company. Here at Sam the Concrete Man we have high standards in terms of materials we use that is able to withstand weighted equipment moving without damaging the surface. As a local business in Denver, we’d be happy to take you call and get you the qualified help you need for your concrete loading dock project. 

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Installing Loading Docks Since 1989

Commercial concrete projects require hands-on experience and detailed knowledge of the loading dock installation process. Among the several key factors to building a long-lasting and durable loading dock, includes:

  • High Strength Concrete – essential for withstanding the heavyweight machinery a solid concrete mix made from a low ratio of water to cement and high-quality aggregate is a must.

  • Versatile Loading Dock Designs – Who says concrete has to be boring? With stamped concrete designs, you can make your loading dock match the overall aesthetic of your business.

  • Expert Knowledge of local zoning laws in Denver so you can feel safe that your loading dock is well within the law.

Benefits of Installing Loading Docks with Sam the Concrete Man

Concrete Loading Dock Designs

Choosing Sam the Concrete Man for your concrete loading dock construction or repair also unlocks almost endless design possibilities. If you want to enhance branding, incorporate your loading dock with your interior design, or simply add slip-resistant textures to improve worker safety, we have what it takes to get the job done right. Some concrete design work we can do includes: stamping, sculpting, stenciling, and scoring techniques.

Concrete Loading Docks Cost & Estimate Process

To schedule your on-site appointment, give us a call at 303-948-0140. We work with your schedule and can even do “drive-by” estimates if you have a busy schedule.

The estimator will come to your property to take in the scope of the project and discuss any particulars with you, the homeowner in order to bring your vision to life.

The estimator will print your estimate on-site completely free of charge! It is up to you to move forward with us with full knowledge of the final price the project will cost. 

Free concrete loading dock quotes in Denver, CO

For nearly 30 years, Sam the Concrete Man has been delivering top quality concrete loading docks to businesses across the the face of Denver. Our estimators are standing by and ready to serve. Get your loading dock professionally done with our reliable and experienced commercial concrete contractors. 

Call 303-948-0140 or fill out a contact form to get in contact with one of our estimators. We’d love to hear about what you’re looking to accomplish with your new loading dock!

Free Quick and Easy Estimate

Free Quick and Easy Estimate